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Office of Accessibility and Inclusion

The Office of Accessibility and Inclusion (OAI) has been set up as a means to fulfil this commitment and is dedicated to the inclusion of all members of the community............[Read more]

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

LUMS is a harassment free zone. There is absolutely zero tolerance for any behaviour that is intended or has the expected result of making anyone uncomfortable and negatively impacts the class environment, or any individual’s ability to work to the best of their potential.

Other Harassment

Other Harassment

Members of the LUMS Community are strictly bound by its Code of Conduct. Individuals shall embody and exhibit 'LUMS’ core values of merit, academic freedom, excellence, and particularly in this case, integrity, tolerance and diversity at all times. Complaints of harassment lie at Office of Accessibility and Inclusion or Office of Student Affairs depending on context, and victims are free to reach out to any of these offices for further guidance and assistance.


Policy Development 

The Office of Accessibility and Inclusion (OAI) aims to work with the numerous schools and offices at LUMS to develop policies which facilitate a smoother campus experience. We hope to streamline policy to reduce overlap, make processes and rules clearer and grow in a manner that is inclusive of the diverse members of the LUMS community.

Code of Conduct

Learning Accommodations 

LUMS aspires to inculcate values of inclusion both inside and outside the classroom. Students who require accommodations to provide them with equal opportunity are encouraged to reach out and ask for help.


The Office of Accessibility and Inclusion is a very new establishment. Its current vision is to work in collaboration with students, student societies, faculty, departments and the various schools at LUMS to create an inclusive, welcoming, supportive and safe campus, both online and offline. The Office aims to ensure that every student instinctively knows that the OAI is the go-to place for any concerns relating to harassment or inclusion.


OAI has been established by LUMS as the focal point for students, faculty and staff for all matters relating to inclusion, campus diversity and equity. The Office aims to be a melting pot of ideas, discussions, and policy recommendations aimed at making LUMS a safer and more inclusive campus, equally owned by all members of the LUMS community.

File a Complaint

Gender based harassment is a reality worldwide. At LUMS, we seek to deal with matters of harassment in two ways: through awareness, and therefore prevention, and by inquiry and subsequent penalties. If you feel that you may be a victim of harassment, please feel free to visit our office, contact us using the information provided here, or file a complaint using the mechanisms provided below. We also encourage you to reach out to a student counsellor at the Counselling and Psychological Services office at LUMS.

Complaint Process

In addition to seeking help and guidance informally at Office of Accessibility and Inclusion (OAI, there are two types of complaints that you may file. One is an informal complaint, which does not result in a penalty, but seeks to resolve a complaint in an amicable manner. Informal complaints may be filed anonymously and may result in apologies, community service or sensitisation trainings. An informal complaint may be switched into a formal complaint at any time on the complainant’s request. 

The other is a formal complaint. A formal complaint may not be filed anonymously, and results in harsher penalties. The inquiry in a formal complaint is completed in 30 days from the filing of the complaint.

The processes for both types of complaints are provided in visual form below:

Formal Complaint

Informal Complaint

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Email: oai@lums.edu.pk


Office of Accessibility and Inclusion

DHA, Lahore Cantt. 54792, Lahore, Pakistan

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Good to Know

Some frequently asked questions regarding the Policy as well as the procedure of filing complaints. These FAQs give a brief overview of some common concerns that students have about the processes. These will also help them understand the Policy and raise more awareness about the same within the LUMS Community.

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Can the SHIC’s decision be appealed?

Yes. The appellate forum is the Provincial or Federal Ombudsman for harassment.

Can I file a complaint against an alumnus?

Yes, if you are a current student

What should I do if the accused violates the restraining order?

Report to the Committee immediately.

How long does the process take? Why does it take so long?

30 days, subject to the cooperation of the parties. The process requires the collection of evidence, cross-examination, interviews of both parties and their respective witnesses, and deliberation by the Committee.